Benefits of using two factor authentication (2FA)

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Benefits of using two factor authentication (2FA)

There are plenty of businesses out there that are ready to invest in a 2FA implementation. This is because they know that it will cost them less than the hack of their computer can cost them. Your sensitive business information can be robbed within few seconds. It’s better to be more cautious about it and implement 2FA in your businesses that will prevent such cases.

Well-built Security

Even if your accounts and other sensitive information are password-protected, they can still be hacked. It’s fine to bear the one-time expense and activate 2FA than letting the hacker steal. 2FA decreases the risk of data breaches.

You can permit your employees to work from home as the pandemic is still not over. Knowing that your data is safe with 2FA, your employees can access the corporate systems without any fear of data breaches. They can access it from any location or device. This results in productivity. You can speed up your work more efficiently without any risk.

Reduce fraud

Identity fraud is at its peak recently, more because of the pandemic, there has been a financial crisis literally all over the world. It can be dangerous for businesses as it can steal the trust and credibility of the company. By activating 2FA, there will be little to no chances of data breaches. Therefore, your brand’s reputation will be secure as well. Moreover, customer relations will strengthen up.

Reduce operating costs

Most businesses spend a lot of money to send notifications to their users of suspicious activity on their accounts. It could also include password reset texts. Perhaps, you might notice that it costs lots of money. Why not activate 2FA that will make your users’ accounts safe so that you don’t need to send notifications to them. This helps in not wasting much money on other operations. Believe it or not, activating 2FA will justify the reduction of your operating costs.

Empower Your Passwords with USMS-GH

According to the stats, 60% of the small companies go out of business after a cyber-attack. You see, they are vulnerable enough to attack. You can empower your passwords with USMS-GH API. All you have to is integrate the text API into your systems and you are good to go. You can guard your company’s assets with two factor authentication. Do not waste time thinking… It costs relatively low.

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