SMS marketing Christmas Promotion Ideas for 2021

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Top SMS marketing Christmas Promotion Ideas for 2021

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the Christmas season is responsible for up to 25 per cent of the annual sales revenue of most businesses. However, it can be a big take to get the attention of consumers during the yuletide season. This is because of the number of sales and promotional messages they receive Here some top Christmas promotion ideas you can send using bulk SMS to capture the minds of your costumers.

1. Organize a 12 Days Christmas promo.

You customers will pay attention to their mobile phones to see what you would offer each day of the promotion.

Put together a Buy1Give1 promo as an alternative to BUY1GET1. This is how it works. Tell your customers that every time they make a purchase during the Christmas season, you will give back to a Charity or orphanage home in the country.

3. Use the strategy of Scarcity.

If you are a fashion retailer or you make ready to wear clothes, tell your customers that you will be releasing limited brand new Christmas designs. This scarcity will drive sales. This because people do not like to wear the same thing as anyone else to any of their holiday

4. Host a party and ask your customers to “Bring a Friend” to win Prizes.

This is a great idea for beauty spa, hair salons, gyms and fitness clubs. Ask your customers to bring a friend to the event and win great prizes. Enter the customers who bring their friends into a prize-winning draw. Also, enter their friends into the draw. Make sure there is a prize for everyone and his or her friends. Use the opportunity to highlight your products and services. You will gain many customers.

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