Bulk Email Blasts

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A bulk email blast is an email campaign sent to a large set of contacts or all the contacts in your bulk email blasts list, triggered at the same time. There is no limit on the minimum or the maximum number of people that should be on your list to qualify the mark of calling it a bulk email blast.

Few characteristics of a bulk email blast

Email is sent only to legit subscribers (opt-in list), The mailing list is not segmented, The email has a universal appeal, It comes with one clear CTA.

Yes, personalization and segmentation can be done. Cheaply. But that doesn’t mean these should be done all the time. For example, if you want everyone to know about the new feature of your product or promote a clearance sale at 20% discount to all the customers, all over the world, then your messaging doesn’t change for Martha who is not your paying customer or Sam who is an avid fan or superuser of your app. Both of them would like to know about new features or worldwide sales. In such cases, sending a mass email is cost and time-efficient. It makes sure your message has reached everyone who ever gave consent to get emails from you. Apart from promotional campaigns, newsletter is another type of email that is sent to the whole list. It works really well for artists, thought-leaders or companies publishing quality articles on niche topics. However this kind of bulk email blasts isn't just sent out of the blue and requires a long term strategy, rather than short term thinking for quick results.

Bulk emails blasts are not just effective, but also efficient - they get the job done without you missing that eyelash appointment or ping-pong competition. You save time - because you are not doing any segmentation, heavy personalization or automation. You save money - because you can use any basic, affordable ESP to get the job done. It doesn’t have to be fancy, ninja ESP. And bulk email blasts rates are cheaper than regular ESP subscription. Email accounts get flagged when abnormal activities happen - and sending out a bulk email blasts out of the blue is definitely one. Your IP can get flagged and you can be banned from using the ESP. You might have to go back to school too. Bulk emails blasts can lack personalization, relevance and candid language. Progressively increase the number of recipients of your email campaign. Send bulk email blasts to a highly engaged audience and then add a less involved audience. 15-30 days is usually good for this procedure.

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