Use cases of USMS-GH APIs

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Use cases of APIs

Now that we know how API for beginners is clear, it is time to understand the different use cases. APIs can be used in almost every and any industry. With USMS-GH, you can simply integrate the API and run it without a glitch. Moreover, we offer the most affordable prices to send and receive messages. here are a few use cases of our texting API.

use cases of USMS API

For reservation systems:

Healthcare workers, salons, and other reservation systems can use the API to manage appointment and their reminders. Simply integrate USMS-GH API into your reservation system. Set your desired triggers and let the magic happen. The system will send confirmations on setting up an appointment. Moreover, when a date is closer, it can also send reminders.


One of the most common and widely used APIs is in eCommerce. When a customer makes a purchase, a message goes out instantly to inform them. This message can contain delivery times, payment options, and other details. Moreover, triggers such as delivery statuses, the status of the item, and other details are also automated with APIs.

Moreover, if you find that a customer has abandoned their cart, you can use that as a trigger. Send them a message, remind them to checkout. If you need more convincing, provide them with a code that gives them a special deal or discount.

Two-factor Authentication

Another very common usage of APIs is two-factor authentication. As a user, you might have used or received 2FA messages. Two Factor Authentications keep the accounts secure by adding a layer of security to them. When a person signs in to their account, the trigger sends out a message to their given phone number. The code is a one-time use code that verifies the account holder.

 Car tracking system

If your car has a tracking system, then you will be surprised to know that it runs on a texting API. For example, if you have set the fence and the car goes out of the fence, you receive a message. This message works as a confirmation of whether you have authorized the movement of the car. If you reply with a negative, the car shuts down on its own. However, if you reply with an affirmative, the car keeps ongoing.

Here are some few Use cases of USMS-GH API. Read more on API from our previous post on SMS API (Texting API) for Beginners .


USMS-GH API is available for free. Create and account for free with us and get started. You can contact support for further assistance.

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